Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Some Words from Frankie...

Hey, cats & chicks, listen up—Frankie here. Have you gotten a look-see at that book about me and the guys, THE D.A.'s FOREVER? Yeah, you know, our group of friends in high school in the fifties, me, Denny, Tony, and Eddy. The group was my idea, so's I named it after myself—Frankie D'Antonio, don't ya know. Lotsa people thought we was named after the hair style, but the real hip ones, they knew the deal: I was in charge, and anybody who don't like it can meet me behind the school for a little "chat." Anyways, we graduated in '58, got married, moved away, you know how it is, but we saw each other at reunions over the years, and this here one, in 1988, you wouldn't believe all the stuff that went down. So this broad, Laura Pinto, she writes about it and calls it "fiction" and a "novel," but we all know it's real; we was there. We lived it. THE D.A.'s FOREVER is available on something called Kindle, whatever the hell that is, just $2.99, not bad at-tall. Check it out, or you and me just might have to meet outside.

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