Sunday, December 11, 2016

Nostalgic Gifts for the Holidays

Hello and happy holidays!

Do you enjoy reading? Do you like nostalgic fiction? Are you okay with mature content?* If so, I'd like to invite you to sample my two novels: Life Rocks On, a wild ride through the '60s, '70s and beyond; and The D.A.'s Forever, which answers the question "What happens when four greasers from the '50s reunite in the '80s?" Clicking on each title will take you to its official website, where you can read an excerpt for free (which can also be done on the books' product pages on Amazon). Both novels are in e-book** format, and both are very reasonably priced, making each a good contender as a gift for the book lover(s) in your life!

Another gift possibility? The great music from the 1950s, '60s and '70s! Hey, don't knock it if you didn't live through it; the artists from rock & roll's golden era were the pioneers of the genre, and many are still actively performing and recording today. And I've got an online store set up where you can browse through CD and MP3 selections by genre and, in many cases, listen to samples before you buy. Everything is organized by category and sub-category; I've done the work so you don't have to. Just click on the link to visit Laura's Little Shop of Oldies on my Oldies Connection site; or you can visit the store directly on Amazon by clicking here.

*Mature content advisory: Both novels (Life Rocks On and The D.A.'s Forever) contain adult language and explicit sexual situations. In addition, Life Rocks On contains  references to incidents of abuse and violence which may be unsettling for certain individuals. Reader discretion is advised.

**Both novels are available exclusively on Kindle at the present time. However, a Kindle device is not needed to read Kindle books; they can be read via a free app for PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet, or directly in your browser. And Kindle books can also be purchased as gifts! By making them available as e-books, I am able to keep the prices low; each book costs about the same as a fancy coffee beverage, and less than the average fast-food meal ... and will last a lot longer! In fact, Life Rocks On is quite a hefty novel, the typed manuscript having topped out at 650 (!) pages ... so it's definitely a book for people who love to read!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

The D.A.'s Forever - Kindle Countdown Deal

Hello friends,

A little note for you ... ♪ ... my breakout novel, The D.A.'s Forever, is on sale for 99¢ NOW through December 3, 2016. It's a great time to download your copy! And in case you weren't aware, Kindle books can be given as gifts. So now's also a great time to consider The D.A.'s Forever for the fiction lover(s) in your life ... you can purchase as many gift copies as you'd like at this low price.

But hurry ... after 11:59 PM on 12/3/16, the deal goes away!

Read more about The D.A.'s Forever by clicking here to visit its official website.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Life Rocks On!

Hello dear friends,

Well, it's been nearly a year since I last posted on this blog, but there was a reason for it ... I was finishing up my newest novel, Life Rocks On! Said novel is now available exclusively on Kindle* (if you don't have a Kindle, don't let that stop you; read why below), and it's a hefty one ... the manuscript came out to a whopping 650 pages, so if I needed a note to excuse myself from blog-posting, that's probably the longest one in existence!

Anyway ... learn more about the book by visiting its official website, where you can "read all about it" and even read a few sample chapters for free without leaving the site. Since the book is so lengthy, the free sample is correspondingly lengthy!

Hope you enjoy my newest offering. If you do, please leave a review on!

Mature content advisory: Life Rocks On contains adult language and explicit sexual situations and is intended for mature audiences. It also contains references to incidents of abuse and violence which may be unsettling for certain individuals. Reader discretion is advised.

*A Kindle device is not needed to read Kindle books; they can be read on Amazon's Cloud Reader or via a free reading app for PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Saturday, November 28, 2015

A New Look For This Blog!

Hello readers,

My, how time flies! It's now just over two years since I first created this blog, on which I bestowed the highly imaginative title of Laura Pinto, Writer and Author. During these past two years, I haven't posted as much on the blog as I would have liked to. There's always something going on, something interesting or newsworthy that could conceivably find a place on these pages, and if it were up to me I would post here several times a week, if not daily. But life gets in the way. I have a full-time day job and a house and dog to take care of, all on my own. In order to preserve my strength and sanity, I have to prioritize, which means that non-essentials get pushed to the bottom of my list. But I'm hoping that all changes soon and that I have more free time to post on my blogs, as well as to maintain my web sites (some of which haven't been updated for years!).

In August of 2013, I published my first novel on Amazon Kindle, THE D.A.'s FOREVER. For the past several years, I've been hard at work on what was to be my first novel but will now be my second, LIFE ROCKS ON. There have been many long stretches of writer's block, but I've tried to work on the book at least on weekends, even if it was just to edit what was already written. Now the fog has cleared, and I'm writing in earnest again. LIFE ROCKS ON was first conceived in 2005, a full decade ago. I am hoping to give birth to it very soon.

In the meantime, I decided to change the focus of this blog from me, me, me to a little more of what's going on outside of myself. There's a big, wide and, at times, wonderful world out there, and I intend to put my two cents in on all manner of topics ranging from current events to entertainment to advice columns (which I read voraciously) to my two biggest interests, oldies music and the Law of Attraction. Few things will be off-limits, except for politics, religion, or anything of a negative or tragic nature. I have no desire to add power to negativity by talking about it here. As part of re-designing this blog, I gave it a new name: Laura Pinto ♥ Making Every Day Magical! The heart symbolizes what life and the Universe and all of creation is based on; the word "magical" refers to everyday miracles that we often take for granted (or, sadly, fail to notice). Every one of us has the ability to create magic on a daily basis. And it's my wish to demonstrate how to do exactly that, by sharing posts from some of the leading Law of Attraction teachers as well as my own personal experiences and observations.

For more info about me plus links to my sites, social networks and blogs, please visit my personal webpage, Laura's Websites (aka Laura Pinto Online) and my page on About.Me. Thank you for stopping by!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

What Happens When 4 Greasers From the '50s Reunite in the '80s?

Find out in my Kindle* novel, THE D.A.'s FOREVER—just 99¢ through April 23, 2015.

(* No Kindle? No problem! You don't need a Kindle device to read a Kindle book; just download a free reading app for your PC, Mac, or smartphone, or use the Kindle Cloud Reader to read the book in your browser!)

From the book's official site:

It's 1988, and four men reunite for a special Fifties-themed homecoming celebration at their old New Jersey high school, thirty years after graduation. While in their teens, the boys had been known collectively as the D.A.'s (not so much a "gang" as a tight group of friends); but time and distance have brought changes and adult responsibilities. Letting go of the past proves challenging for the quartet, which consists of Frankie, the group leader and tough-guy greaser still playing the part at age 48; Denny, Frankie's best friend, whose misguided counsel to his 20-year-old son backfires in his face; Tony, the romantic, whose marriage and happiness are threatened by the reappearance of an old love; and Eddy, the straight-laced nerd and arguably most centered of the four thrown into emotional turmoil by the appearance of a new one. Now, all four must find the courage to leave the past behind as they come to terms with middle age and the realities of their diverse lives. NOTE: This book contains explicit language and sexual situations and is intended for mature audiences only.

Just click on any of the title links in this post to download your copy of THE D.A.'s FOREVER. (If you'd like to "try before you buy," you can read a sample from the book for free by clicking on its cover on the product page at And, remember—Kindle books can also be given as gifts! Act now to get your copy of THE D.A.'s FOREVER at this special price.